Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan seen wearing stolen necklace in surveillance footage

Los Angeles prosecutor has decided not to bring felony grand theft charges against Lindsay Lohan today like many thought would happen. That’s not to say that it still might not happen later in the week.

Lindsay Lohan is being accused of allegedly stealing a $2,500 gold necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store. A search warrant was issued to search the actress Venice, California apartment but the necklace was returned by Lohan’s stylist to a LA police substation before the search could be carried out.

If the prosecutor decides to bring charges against Lohan they would the most serious to date, and would be seen as a violation of her probation for driving under the influence. If she is seen to have violated her probation Lindsay Lohan could be sent to jail.

On top of that the young actress is being investigated for her involvement in the shoving of a Betty Ford Center worker. As to the stolen necklace Lohan released a statement through her attorney, Shawn C. Holley saying, “ We vehemently deny these allegations.”

On January 22, the necklace went missing from the jewelry store , the police were called in a few days later to investigate. According to police sources Lindsay Lohan was seen in the video surveillance footage wearing the necklace just before it went missing.

The police detectives wrapped up their investigation last week and presented the results to the Prosecutor to decide rather or not to bring charges against Lohan.

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